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 About Me: Conner Sullivan

Name:  Conner J. Sullivan

Age:  25

College: University of Southern California 

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Current Residence: Unknown (Check Youtube)

Passions: Athletic-Adventure, Film, and Culture. I am fascinated by the different places, people, food, sports, and languages that make this world unique.  I will visit every country in the world before I turn 50!

Favorite Food: Chicken fried rice (from the streets of Thailand)

Or Anything from Whole Foods!

Favorite place I have visited so far: Tokyo, Japan is amazing.  Such a unique place - from the sushi to the subway system, there is really no place like it!  I can also make cases for Bali, Nepal and Thailand!

Next Place I am Traveling:  Check Youtube or Instagram ;) (@itsConnerSully) 

What Camera do I use: Canon T4i with an 18-135mm lense.  I also have a Canon G7x for vlogging and GoPro Hero 4 for action shooting.

What drone do I use: DJI Inspire 1 or Mavic 

Favorite Movie: All time favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life! I base a lot of my life off of George Bailey (main character). I am a film guy so I have so many movies I love. The Matrix blew me away. I also thought Blood Daimond was extremely well done. As a kid, Rudy inspired me. Also anything Disney or Pixar.  I love films that evoke real emotion and make you think about change and improving yourself, especially realizing that we are more powerful than we naturally think. Can't forget about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!

Inspirations:  My Father and Mother, Paul the Apostle, The Most Interesting Man in the World (Dos Equis), James Bond, Bruce Lee, Monks (the Buddhist ones who do Kung Fu), Navy SEALs, and Jesus Christ (In no particular order). I feel that if you could combine teachings and skills from all these people you would basically be Goku. This is my life goal.

Favorite Store:  Barnes and Noble! Close Second: Whole Foods.

Favorite Quote(s): "Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively." - Dalai Lama XIV

Best Advice: Find your passions, create a goal and pursue it relentlessly. Look at opposition and failure as necessary steps towards success. Love the hard work, because that is what is forcing you to grow into the person you eventually want to become. Live spontaneously and in the moment, Love others, and find those few solid friends who will ride and die with you. Then go conquer the world together. Also, go to Asia and rent a motorbike. It will be the thrill of your life!

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